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Contemporary mixed media artists found at Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous produce the most exquisite textile & mixed media art. Our artists can turn their hand to delicate embroidery as well as more intricate wall hangings. Explore with us the beauty of art through textiles and find your very own fabric fantasy.

DISCOVER a treasure trove of fine textile and mixed media fabric art pictures from the UK's most talented artists. We offer exclusive works you can't find anywhere else by artists using machine and hand embroidery, hand stitched and a range of textures, fabrics and pattern. Brilliant colour is everywhere and we never tire of finding new mixed media artists, especially those whose style falls somewhere between fashion illustration, painting, and comics.

Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous bring you a group of textile artists who bring together a creative, retro style, personalised and innovative mix of media and stitched textiles from abstract through to traditional - colourful and sometimes embellished personalised textile art. Personalised textile art is a fabulous gift idea for new babies, Christenings and Weddings too.