17 unusual birdhouse designs

recycled kitchen accessories birdbox

A collection of our favourite unusual birdhouse designs from around the web.

1. Miniature cabin

unusual birdhouse designs

2. Boot bird house

upcycled birdhouse

3. Newspaper birdhouse

unusual birdhouse designs

4. Nottingham Bird house

unusual wooden bird house designs

5. Beach hut bird house

beach hut bird house design

6. Red modern birdhouse

modern birdhouse designs

7. Tudor wooden birdhouse

tudor style birdbox

8. Castle birdbox

unique birdbox designs

9. Car number plate birdhouse

birdbox for car lovers

10. Personalised union jack birdbox

personalised bird house

11. Yellow pitcher birdhouse

recycled kitchen accessories birdbox

12. Spade birdhouse

upcycled birdboxes

13. Old truck birdhouse

toy truck birdbox

14. VW campervan birdbox

VW campervan bird house

15. Birdhouse with its own key

upcycled birdhouse

16. Haunted bird house

unique bird box ideas

17. Wine barrel birdhouse

bird box for wine lovers

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